A Swedish Moment

As part of the global launch campaign for the all-new Volvo XC90, Peder lead the team at DigitasLBi creating “A Swedish Moment” – a multi award winning product experience part of the Volvo XC90 launch created with at the time using cutting edge VR technology. In fact, it was the first ever public branded VR experience to utilize Oculus DK2 technology with full head tracking enabled.

A Swedish Moment enables visitors to fully immerse themselves in the all-new XC90 like magic and also experience the calming tranquility of Swedish nature – home of all the values that make Volvo unique.

A combination of gorgeous 3D graphics, world class animation, photorealistic environments and stunning sound design comes together to deliver a truly unique experience highlighting the essence of the Volvo Cars brand.

A Swedish Moment was a key piece of the Volvo XC90 launch campaign and has since then been part of the VIP introduction event in Stockholm, at Paris Motor Show, Geneva Motor Show Los Angeles Motor Show, Guangzhou Motor Show, Detroit Motor Show and Shanghai Motor Show. It has also been featured at all Volvo Ocean Race ports villages, Shanghai Motor Show and numerous local market VIP launch events.

Today, three years after its inception, A Swedish Moment is still a popular part of many global Volvo Cars events – longevity seldom seen in an area deveoping as fast as the VR industry.

A 360 stereo video version of A Swedish moment (without headtracking) is available to view from the Volvo Cars Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFiAePjrHwE

Case video

Capture of the full VR experience

Screenshot from within the VR experience

Paris Motor Show 2014

Los Angeles Motor Show 2014

Volvo Ocean Race