Known to chainsaw-wielding loggers around the world as ‘limbing’, the art of stripping felled trees of their branches is exciting, but very dangerous. Welcome to Limberjack — a secluded training site where you can pursue your dream of breaking into the World Logging Championships to become the undisputed greatest limber alive.

The game confronts you with the same challenge that faces contestants in the real-world championships. You stand right by the trunk of a tree, grip your Husqvarna chainsaw with your control, and start sawing away against the clock. Compete with yourself or others, picking up the techniques used by the pros as you go along, and discovering the best way to finish quickly without getting in harm’s way.

Steam gameplay trailer

“This is a great game that just screams competitive gameplay. Controls are really easy to get used to and there is something satisfying about cutting the limbs off a long log.

Really attractive graphics; clearly some effort put into making a good looking game.

One of the little features that made me smile was being able to throw the chainsaw into the water to get a high score for distance thrown. Would definitely recommend this game for anyone who likes competitions with friends or who just likes to try and beat their previous score.

PS. Best method for typing your name into a leaderboard.”

First prototype, April 2016