Volvo Dynamic Steering VR Experience

Bus drivers all around the world experience problems with pain in their backs, shoulders and necks, caused by heavy to operate vehicles.

Volvo Buses has developed a unique assisted steering technology called Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) that assist bus riders in their day to day work, improving long term workplace health issues.

VDS assists the driver, taking the heavy lifting go operating the bus away from the driver. VDS is an option and conversion rate with people who have compared a bus with and without VDS is great (80 + %). For driver that haven’t had the opportunity to drive two buses to compare the conversion rate is low. So the challenge was to give more potential bus buyers the ability to compare in order to improve conversion rate.

To do this we created a VR experience, combining a virtual world, Oculus Rift and the real VDS hardware to give any visitor to Volvo Bus events the opportunity to experience the difference, without leaving the show.

Premiering at the IAA trade show n Hannover september 2016, the Dynamic Steering VR Experience was an instant success. Prospective buyers raved about the opportunity to experience VDS first hand with our even leaving the show floor.

  • Role Creative Technologist, Creative Director, Executive Producer, 3D Artist
  • For Volvo Buses
  • Date September 2016
  • Type VR simulation for IAA Hannover